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Artis Metals Co, Company

Equipment - fabricated metal products other than machinery and transport equipment. Sheet metalwork
Products And Services
Copper Vent Caps
In stock 
The J-vent is ideal for use as an appliance exhaust or as an attic ventilator in conjuntion with soffit and/or gable end venting. All with the aesthetically pleasing look of copper. COPPER SIZE: ITEM # WT. 4" CJV 412 1.00 6" CJV 612 ...
Group: Copper Products
Stainless Steel Roof Vents, Round Wall Vents, Rectangular Wall Vents
In stock 
The j-vent is ideal for kitchen, bath, dryer or other appliance exhaust but is also used for attic ventilation in conjunction with soffit and/or gable end venting all with the added durability of stainless steel STAINLESS STEEL SIZE: ITEM # WT. 4" ...
Group: Stainless steel products
Foundation/Soffit Vents
In stock 
Artis foundation and soffit vents are made of galvanized 28 gauge, G-90 and are available with dampers and screen. GALVANIZED DAMPER & SCREEN SIZE: ITEM # FREE AREA 6X16 VDS 616 25 sq in. 8X16 VDS 816 39 sq in ...
Group: Ceiling soffits
Plastic Roof Vent Caps
In stock 
Black Plastic Fan Exhaust Caps - With Stem and Without BLACK PLASTIC SIZE: ITEM # WT. QTY 4" RVS4BK 5.00 4 6" RVS6BK 7.00 4
Group: Plastic products
Pipe Fittings
In stock 
Duct End Caps & Plugs, Increaser/Reducer Fittings, Storm Collars, Stand-Off Brackets GALVANIZED SIZE: ITEM # WT. 3" FC 3 0.25 4" FC 4 0.25 5" FC 5 0.35 6" FC 6 0.50 7" FC 7 0.50 8" FC...
Group: Fittings for tubes
Butterfly Damper
In stock 
The Artis Butterfly Damper is ideal for use as inline backdraft damper for intake or exhaust applications GALVANIZED SIZE: ITEM # WT. SIZE: ITEM # WT. 4" BD 4 0.50 14" BD 14 4.00 5" BD 5 0.50 16" BD 16 ...
Group: Humidifiers of air
Roof Vent Caps
In stock 
The Artis J-Vent is used as either an exhaust vent for indoor exhaust appliances such as range hoods, dryer vents, and bathroom fans. It is also commonly used as a gravity attic ventilator cap. GALVANIZED SIZE: ITEM # WT. 3" JV 328 0.5 4" ...
Group: Elements and completing parts of ventilation systems
Wall Vent Caps for Exhaust or Intake
In stock 
Galvanized, Aluminum, Copper, Stainless Steel, Painted, Rectangular, Wide Mouth The Artis Aluminum Wall Vent Cap is for dryer venting, kitchen and bath fan exhaust, fresh air intake, whole house ventilation & hrvs. DAMPER ONLY SCREEN ONLY DAMPER & SCREEN ...
Group: Metal details
Chimney Caps
In stock 
Wind Directional Caps, Insulated Pipe Adapters, Rain Caps (Cone), Vacuum Caps, Tile Chimney Adapters, Gas VentsAvailable in galvanized, stainless steel and copper
Group: Chimneys tops
Vent pipe flashings
In stock 
The Artis g/gb flashing is for use as a flashing on 1/12 to 6/12 pitched roofs Must use storm collar to make weather tight SIZE: ITEM # WT. SIZE: ITEM # WT. 3" G 3 1.5 14" G 14 5.50* 4" G 4 1.5 16" G 16 ...
Group: Roof Coatings


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